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Welcome to Wiki for Sustainability Initiatives of top 500 U.S. companies (BUAD-560)

Questions? Contact Chandra Meenaga (Chandra.meenaga@mason.wm.edu)

The primary goal behind this exercise is to explore what firms in different industries are doing about sustainability. Even the terms “sustainability” or “sustainable supply chains” are open to interpretation. In the most general sense “sustainability” encompasses social, cultural, and environmental aspects of doing business. For example, when we discussed the Patagonia case, we discovered that their take on sustainability involved environmental sensitivity (in product design, manufacturing practices), supplier & employee empowerment (make sure suppliers where “responsible”; treated employees really well). You will find that different firms in different industries are doing a great deal to address the issue of sustainability – hopefully this wiki will capture the key issues that firms are addressing.


The Three Spheres of Sustainability

What needs to be done:

Below you will find your study group assignments to specific industries (some industries have multiple groups assigned). For example, Group 1 is assigned to “Banks and Insurance.” This wiki has a page dedicated to Banks and Insurance (follow the link on the left menu bar). Clicking the link will lead to the wiki page on Banks and Insurance and you are free to edit the page. You will see some sample firms and a link to Newsweek’s Green rankings in this industry. My suggestion is that each member of the study group(s) choose 3-4 companies to write about. You will find information on company web sites, especially their corporate social responsibility reports (CSR). As a group(s) decide how you want to structure your wiki (i.e., what headings to use, etc.). Each industry potentially can have different organization structure.

The wiki will become “public” once all entries are in. Recruiters often ask me for writing samples of potential candidates. Use this wiki as showcase of your skills (and yes! Put in on your vita if you applying for a “green job”).


. Banks and Insurance 1
. Basic Materials 2, 24
. Consumer products and Cars 3, 4
. Financial Services 5, 21
. Food and Beverage 6, 7
. General Industrials 8, 22
. Health care 9
. Industrial Goods 10, 23
. Media Travel and Leisure 11
. Oil and Gas 12
. Pharmaceuticals 13
. Retail 14, 15
. Technology 16, 17
. Transportation and Aerospace 18, 19
. Utilities 20

Industry Links:

Banks and Insurance UtilitiesTechnologyRetailConsumer Products and CarsPharmaceuticalsOil and GasMedia Travel and LeisureIndustrial GoodsTransportation and AerospaceHealth careGeneral IndustrialsFinancial ServicesFood and BeverageBasic Materials